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We want to help you make the best decisions for your health, so we developed educational resources for a variety of digestive conditions, treatment options and nutrition plans.

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Aspirin, Hormones and Others

Aspirin is an incredible chemical with many useful benefits in the medical field. It is a true herb, originally coming from the bark of the white willow tree. Of course, it is an analgesic, a pain killer. In addition, even in small doses it coats the platelet cells in blood rendering them less likely to […]

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Dietary Supplements

In the distant past, medicine, religion and the priesthood were intertwined. In most civilizations studied, the priest was the medicine man to whom people went for help when sick. These priests found very quickly that giving the patient a potion from animal parts, plants, tree bark or herbs made lots of them better. Occasionally, they […]

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The word, herb, can mean almost anything that grows that has medicine or food flavoring value. The use of herbs as medicines and flavoring has a long and proud tradition. Before refrigeration, the ancients spiced their meats heartily with herbs as the meat became rancid. Indeed, this is the reason for the development of the […]

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Do you remember the Periodic Table in your high school chemistry class? It listed all the natural elements and minerals in nature. At present, there are about 109 of these elements that make up all matter. Some are gases such as oxygen and helium. Most are hard substances that you can see and touch. Not […]

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A prebiotic is not a probiotic. Most people now know that a probiotic is a bacteria which is put in yogurt or other dairy products. Probiotics are also available in pill or powder forms in a wide array of different bacteria formulas. A prebiotic, however, is different. It is, in fact, a food fiber that […]

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Probiotics are a relatively new field in nutrition and in our specialty of gastroenterology. A probiotic is one or more bacteria that most often you take in a pill or dairy product form. It is hoped that they take up residence in the human colon, compete favorably with the huge numbers of bacteria already there, […]

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The word vitamin is imbued with almost miraculous, mystical qualities. Can there be anything wrong with something if it is called a vitamin? Further, if a little is necessary and good for you, then lots of it must be great. It makes sense doesn’t it? The history and discovery of vitamins is an extraordinary example […]

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