All physicians and medical practices operate under some philosophy whether they plan it or not. Our philosophy is to put the patient first, provide physical and emotional comfort, and strive for the highest care possible. Let’s look at how this works at Jackson Siegelbaum Gastroenterology.


The founder of Jackson Gastroenterology is Frank W. Jackson, MD. He has retired from practice but his philosophy and personal signature remain. F. Wilson Jackson, MD, Paul G. Lacey, MD John J. Michel, DO, Dr. Adnan Ahmad, DO, David S. Mize, MD, and Subhra Banerjee, M.D. carry on a team-oriented approach to our patients’ care. Nurses are highly proficient in taking medical history, outlining physician prescribed therapy and explaining medical disorders, diseases, diets and drugs. The nurses are often the first line of contact for patients. Whenever possible, a nurse interviews the patient first, then the physician evaluates the patient and, finally, there is a group meeting with nurse, patient, family and physician when needed.

Tina Navitsky, CRNP, Deborah B. Matisse, MSN, CRNP and Lisa Stokes, CRNP are certified nurse practitioners. Dara (Berninger) Santos, PA-C is a certified physician assistant.  They also evaluate new and established patients and are very knowledgeable in many gastrointestinal and liver disorders.

Patient Communication

We strive to provide prompt and accurate communication between patients and ourselves. Whenever possible, we encourage patients to communicate with the physician by email: Dr. Jackson, Dr. Lacey, Dr. Michel, Dr. Ahmad, Dr. Mize or Dr. Banerjee.  Each physician works directly with a primary nurse to address medical problems, telephone calls, email, or other patient inquiries. They meet every day and review whatever questions or concerns there may be.

Please note, this is not a secure/encrypted communication to your provider.  Please call or schedule an appointment for guaranteed secure communication.

Family Doctor

Since our role is to provide specialized care in gastroenterology, you will still need your family or personal doctor for other medical problems. After your evaluation here, you will be referred back to your primary care physician. If you need regular treatment by a gastroenterologist, we will continue to manage the gastroenterology problem with your physician’s approval. We will provide regular detailed reports to insure the best care and communication. You will usually receive a copy of this report.

Second Opinions

Occasionally, a medical problem is unique or rare. There may be questions about the best approach to a disorder. Under these circumstances, we are eager to get additional opinions from whomever and wherever will best serve each patient. For example, we work closely with the University of Pittsburgh for liver transplants, with Thomas Jefferson University for difficult esophageal and endoscopic procedures and with Johns Hopkins on difficult inflammatory bowel disorders. If you ever think a second opinion would be helpful, please, by all means, mention it.


The ability to visualize the inside of the intestinal tract has revolutionized gastroenterology. We can now see the problem in the stomach or colon, take pictures and biopsies, and remove polyps. These exams are done under mild sedation administered by a certified registered nurse anesthetist. In urgent circumstances, exams of the upper intestinal tract (esophagus and stomach) may be done on the first office visit so as to provide an immediate diagnosis. Colonoscopy, the exam of the colon or large intestine, requires a very clean bowel and is usually scheduled at a subsequent date. Click the Procedure section under the Patient Education portion of this web page to learn about specific procedures. Adjacent to Jackson Siegelbaum Gastroenterology’s west shore location is West Shore Endoscopy Center, where most endoscopies are performed.

Patient Education

A patient’s understanding of his or her disease and the recommended treatment is crucial to effective medical therapy. The more a patient knows about their disorder, the better the result. So, all patients receive printed information about their disease, diet, and drugs. The Patient Education section on this web site has all of this information available as well. Dr. Frank Jackson has written most of this material, and has edited the diet information. We welcome your comments and questions. At the end of the Patient Education section, you can link to additional sources throughout the world. Browse to your heart’s content.


The decor throughout the office has been designed to be comfortable in every way possible. Much of the bric-a-brac and artwork are from local people. We like books and not dog-eared magazines. We particularly dislike making patients wait and we do everything we can to respect your time.

Your Electronic Health Record

Our practice and the Endoscopy Center were early adopters of elctronic medical records, believing that they can improve patient care, communication and medical information, reduce medical errors and ultimately reduce health care costs.  We maintain a high level of security and emphasize patient privacy.  Our electronic health record system is CCHIT certified.  We have free, public WIFI in the office for your convenience.