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Office Hours:
(Mon-Fri – 7:30-3:30)

West Shore Office
423 N, 21st Street
Camp Hill, PA 17011
Tel: (717)761-0930
Fax: (717)761-0465

East Shore Office
4387 Sturbridge Drive
Harrisburg, PA 17110
Tel: (717) 238-3111
Fax: (717) 238-1896



Whenever possible, appointments are scheduled in advance. If an emergency or urgent situation arises, every effort will be made to evaluate the problem in the office or at the hospital. If it is necessary to cancel an appointment, please notify the office as early as possible. The office personnel are carefully trained to handle telephone calls and email. The receptionist may handle some calls or refer them to a nurse or physician. When the office is closed, the Medical Bureau answering service will take messages. Medical questions should be called to the office during regular hours. Calls are generally returned in the afternoon.

If there is an emergency please call (717)761-0930 or go to a hospital emergency room.


Please Email, FAX or telephone the office between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. for prescription refills. Routine prescriptions can be requested by going to: or accessing the web site through the patient portal on the home page. Requests should be made at least one week before your supply is gone. Please provide your name and birth date, the pharmacy name, phone number, prescription number, drug name and dosage, and how often you take it. Please note that we do not refill routine prescriptions in the evening or on weekends. Nurse response generally occurs in the afternoon.

The First Visit

The initial visit begins with a comprehensive review of your medical history. It is helpful to accurately complete the detailed questionnaire that is usually mailed prior to the appointment. A nurse first reviews the questionnaire with the patient and then the physician will review the history and perform a general physical examination. Initial tests may include blood and stool analysis and, perhaps, an electrocardiogram. Additional testing may be necessary after the physician reviews your history and physical examination. Endoscopic examination of the esophagus and stomach (upper endoscopy) or large intestine (sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy) may be scheduled. Procedures are done in the West Shore Endoscopy Center adjacent to the Camp Hill office of Jackson Siegelbaum Gastroenterology. Information regarding the procedure and preparation instructions is explained by the nurses. Refer to West Shore Endoscopy Center for detailed information regarding endoscopic examination. At the completion of the visit, the physician will discuss the possible problems or diagnosis and recommend additional studies and/or outline a treatment program. Educational material and dietary information are provided to reinforce the discussion and help in treatment.

Other Tests

In order to make an accurate diagnosis, it is often necessary to perform additional tests. Most blood tests, urine, and some stool tests are done in the office. When necessary, other studies are done at the hospital or at a private radiology office. X-rays are scheduled at a radiology office or local hospital. Managed health care plans such as HMOs require lab studies and all x-ray and ultrasound exams to be done or scheduled through the primary care physician’s office.


It is our hope that your visits to our office will be efficient, comfortable and, most importantly, will provide a satisfactory outcome to your medical problem. We are constantly striving to maintain the highest standard of medical care and physical and emotional comfort. We appreciate receiving any comments you might have regarding your visit to our office.

*We are pleased to offer complimentary WiFi service to our patients.

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