Patient Education

You may be surprised at the emphasis we at JSG place on educating each patient about their medical problems and treatment. However, we know that the more patients know about their disorders, the more likely will be a good response to therapy. So, please explore the 2 sections below. On the left is a personal approach to and recommendations for a healthy, long and satisfying life, as well as a happy bowel pattern. It has been written by the founder of and the author of all the patient education materials on the entire site. This part, Health Essays, additionally, has separate sections, On Good Health, the Jackson Fiber Cocktail, the Jackson Fountain of Youth, the Scientific Method, Vitamin-Mineral-Herb Mania, Quackery and the FDA, Losing Weight, Healthy Eating, and Fiber, Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, and Aspirin, Hormones and Others. On the right are those sections which deal specifically with gastroenterology – Diseases and Disorders, Procedures, Diets, Drugs, Endoscopic Images and Links to other gastroenterology sites.